equine reiki therapists in dorset
equine reiki therapy in dorset
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All about reiki

about reiki therapy

Reiki is complimentry therapy that enhances the natural healing ability of the body by channelling electromagnetic energy via therapists hands to the recipient. It is not a replacement for medical treatment, but works in conjunction with it.

Many people use reiki as a 'preventative maintenance', others use it just when they need to. As reiki enhances natural healing processes, it can help with many of life's aches and pains - whether mental, physical or emotional. Reiki is most often publicised in health spas and indeed it does have an excellent reputation for relaxing both mind and and body, but it does have more benefits than just a stress-buster; and as many medical physicians will qualify, the body is more than the sum of it's parts and therefore a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

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Orgins of reiki

The ability to heal with the hands is thousands of years old, even Jesus was said to have done it! - but the origins of where it originally came from are lost in time. However, recently, in the early 20th century a japanese doctor, Dr Mikao Usui, developed the art of 'healing hands' and named it 'Reiki'; - 'Rei' meaning 'universal' and 'ki' meaning energy. Dr Usui practiced and taught reiki up until his death in 1926. He passed the method on to many others and that is how it is taught today.

What happens during a reiki session

During a reiki session the client will sit or lie down in a fully clothed state. The therapist places their hands on, or over, various parts of the body, usually concentrating on the energy centres (chakras). The client may feel warmth being emitted from the hands of the therapist and will often fall into a gentle relaxed state. A session can last between 20-40 minutes, depending on the needs of the clients body.

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Reiki and religion

There is no religous belief associated with reiki, it is simply a method of healing. However, some catholic churches may hold beliefs that reiki is 'wrong', but reliable justification of their statements have yet to be issued.