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equine reiki therapy in dorset
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Equine Reiki in dorset

reiki for horses and ponies

Equine reiki treatments

Horses and ponies usually respond very well to reiki treatments. However, just like humans, each horse will experience Reiki in a different way, depending on the needs of their body at that time.

Reiki for horses in their natual surroundings

For an equine reiki session to be the most beneficial, the horse should be in familiar surroundings and at a quiet time when they are not easily distracted; attempting a session in a busy yard when other animals are being led out to graze, or fed, is not ideal. Horses, being herd animals, are far more aware of their surroundings than humans. They can pick up the feelings of others very easily and it is important to remember that a stressed-out stable hand or an unhappy owner can easily affect how a horse feels.

What happens when a horse has a reiki treatment

An equine reiki session can range from 30-60 minutes, depending on how the horse feels at that time. During the session, the reiki therapist will place their hands on, or around, various points on the animals body, usually focusing on the seven main energy centers (chakras). The horse then 'draws' energy from the therapist's hands into their body. During a reiki session, the horse usually becomes very relaxed, often lowering their head and allowing the energy to flow into them. They will also let the therapist know when they've had enough, by fidgeting or often by just moving away.

Benefits of equine reiki

The benefits of an equine reiki session are felt by the horse almost immediately, but in the case of injury or illness, more sessions may be required before a significant benefit can be acheived. It is important to remember that reiki itself does not cure, it merely assists the natural healing process of the body. Therefore reiki is often used to help animals who are ill, suffering from pain or discomfort, or recovering after an accident.

Reasons for equine reiki

Owners of horses use equine reiki for many reasons, some of the most popular are:

Some owners request their horse has regular sessions (e.g. helping to reduce colic), others request it when the horse 'isnt well', but following a visit from the vet, there appears to be no apparent reason.

Reiki and UK veterinary Legislation

In order to adhere to current veterinary legislation, an owner needs to inform their vet that an animal in their care is having a complimentry therapy. Most vets will welcome additional healing and many even recommend it!

If a member of the medical community is curious or even skeptical about reiki, they should read the 'Reiki and Science' page. This explains how reiki works from a scientific point of view, taking in real medical research, and also helps many people understand what is happening during a reiki session.

How do horses react to reiki

To illustrate how other horses have reacted to equine reiki treatments, please take a look at the Equine reiki case studies page.

Cost of equine reiki

Equine reiki is charged at 35 per hour plus travel. The therapy session is calculated in fifteen minute blocks with a minimum charge of one hour, payable at the end of each session. Travel is charged at 0.75p per mile outside a 20 mile radius of Bournemouth Town Centre.

Many owners at the same livery will often 'club together' and arrange for several horses to be done on the same day, therefore reducing the costs of the therapy.

Equine reiki enquiries

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